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Our Mission:

Our Mission is to attenuate customers time and money spending connected with exchange which may allow users to pay more attention and dedicate longer to your potential goals.

At Internet Dollar Buy Sell we are committed to creating sure and protecting your privacy and any personal information are getting to be processed fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws. Before you register with us you need to read this Privacy Policy because once you register with us or ask us to provide you with any of our products or services, you agree that we may handle your information, including but not limited to your name, address, contact details, payment / beneficiary information, Social Security number (if collected), passport information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Updated to our Privacy Policy happen periodically by posting the most recent version here.

Our Privacy Policy covers how we use and store your personal information.

We use your information for the next purposes:

Prevention and detection of crime

We may need to pass your information onto Governmental departments, Regulatory bodies, the police/law enforcement agencies or to a court of law. this is often ready to be done, as an example , to assist within the prevention of a criminal offense (Anti-Money Laundering/fraud), to satisfy legal requirements or for other lawful purposes.


We may share your information with:

• any partners who have introduced you to us or who you've given us permission to share your information with;

• a person performing on your behalf;

We may need to use your information, in an anonymous format, to assist in servicing and maintaining our client data base. We may need to undertake tests using client data to form sure that our systems are able to affect large amounts of data . Test systems are isolated from external networks to form sure that live systems aren't compromised. additionally , to form sure data isn't compromised, we feature out various risk assessments, and have implemented safeguards to form sure data security.

Cookie policy

We don't collect personal information from you thru the browser once you visit our website. We do however log your IP address so as that it's recognized next time you visit - we'll do this by using cookies.

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